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This page and files to download here is for SmiCut distributors only. You will find the latest price lists, catalogues, and marketing materials.

EMO News September 2023
1) Vibration-Free Thread Mills with more Flutes.
2) New FourCut LC Grade: for Steel, Cast Iron, and More.

➡️ Read More about our New Products

3) New Printed SmiCut Main Catalogue 2024 that includes all new tools and technical information that is presented in EMO.

➡️ SmiCut Main Catalogue 2024

⬇️ SmiCut Main Catalogue 2024 with Prices for 2023

4) New Excel Price List for 2023 that includes all new tools

⬇️ Excel Price List 2023 with EMO news
(add your discount to get your net price)

5) New version of SmiProg and SmiProg XL that includes the new tools.

➡️ SmiProg 2023-09-15

⬇️ SmiProg XL (2023-09-15)

Price List & Catalogues 2023

⬇️ Excel Price List 2023
(add your discount to get your net price)

⬇️ SmiCut PDF Catalogue 2023 with prices

⬇️ Thread Mills PDF Catalogue 2023 with prices

⬇️ FourCut PDF Catalogue 2023 with prices

⬇️ Grinding Services (PDF)

⬇️ Resources for Distributors 2022/09 (PDF)

Software for distributors

⬇️ SmiProg XL (2023-09-15)
SmiProgXL is a software for the salesmen to help the customers choose the best tool. With this version you can compare two different tools and then see which one is most cost effective. You will not get the CNC-program. For that you have to use the standard SmiProg software.

Password for access on SmiProg Online: XL

Marketing Material
We can supply you with pictures and drawings for your catalogue, website and other marketing materials while promoting SmiCut products.

Contact Oliver Schmidt for marketing materials.

News February 2023
1) New page with Frequently Asked Questions about Thread Milling is now published on

➡️ Thread Milling – FAQ

News November - Prices 2023
1) New prices announced for 2023. Se all price adjustments in the excel file.
2) Catalogues with prices for 2023 are now available to download from this page.

⬇️ Excel Price List Adjustments 2023

News September 2022
1) SmiCut has a lot of resources to help you as a distributor and your costumers. To make it easier for you to see what we have, we have collected them all together in this PDF.

⬇️ Resources for Distributors 2022/09 (PDF)

News August 2022
1) SmiProg is now available as a web app. It is built on top of the original SmiProg excel file so you know you will be getting the same reliable data. They are updated simultaneously.

If you find any errors in the translation of your language. Please provide the correct translation to

You can access the software from the SmiProg page on our website.

News July 2022
1) SmiCut has made simplified 3D CAD Drawings of the complete program of Solid Carbide Thread Mills.

Read more about the CAD drawings and how to download them at

News May 2022
1) New printed catalogue with all Solid Carbide Thread Mills and a lot of new technical information is available.

Please contact us if you want printed copies to be sent to you. The catalogue with prices is only available as a PDF on this page for distributors. The catalogue without prices can be downloaded from

⬇️ Thread Mills PDF Catalogue 2022 with prices

News September 2021
Increased and Improved Program of Thread Mills

⬇️ Solid Carbide Thread Mills PDF catalogue (2021/09)

⬇️ Solid Carbide Thread Mills Excel Price List (2021/09)
(add your discount to get your net price)

⬇️ Excel converter list from old tools to new tools (2021/09)

Updated version of SmiProg which includes new tools.

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