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Micro End Mill, TiAlN · D=2,0 · l₂=6,0 mm

2mm Micro End Mill MP0602B2.95_FC | SmiCut
Discover the SmiCut Micro End Mill MP0602B2.95_FC with TiAlN coating for high-precision machining. Diameter 2.0mm, perfect for high-speed steel cutting. Buy now for advanced machining solutions.


D = 2,0 mm
d = 6 mm
l = 3,0 mm
l₂ = 6,0 mm
L = 64 mm
a = 0,05 mm
v = 11°
z = 2

Drawing of a Micro End Mill

FC grade: TiAIN coated, Super Micrograin Carbide
Tolerance: D 0,3 - 3,0 -0,002 / -0,012
Shank: Cylindrical h5, DIN6535 HA

Flute: 30° right hand spiral, Center Cutting
Field of application: High speed cutting in steel

Cad Drawings Cutting Data & Technical Information

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