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SmiCut Online Store - SOLID CARBIDE THREAD MILLS - without coolant


ThreadBurr without Coolant

TiAICN coated
Micrograin Carbide
The theoretical external diameter of
the cutter is lasermarked on the tool
Cylindrical h6, DIN6535 HA
Between 12° and 18°
Field of application
Thread Milling of all types of steel

All the tools listed below can produce the selected thread/profile. For best performance, select the tool with the largest diameter and the greatest number of cutting edges. VF = Vibration-Free if you use the entire cutting length.

Part Number Specification    
NB06045C10_1.0ISO_ACThread Mill, M6 (1,5xD)    
NB06045C13_1.0ISO_ACThread Mill, M6 (2xD)    
NB06045C16_1.0ISO_ACThread Mill, M6 (2,5xD), VF    
NB06045C19_1.0ISO_ACThread Mill, M6 (3xD), VF    
NB06045D13_1.0ISO_ACThread Mill, M6 (2xD), VF    
NB06045E10_1.0ISO_ACThread Mill, M6 (1,5xD), VF    
NB0606C10_1.0ISO_ACThread Mill, ≥ M8 fine thread    
NB0606C13_1.0ISO_ACThread Mill, ≥ M8 fine thread    
NB0606E14_1.0ISO_ACThread Mill, ≥ M8 fine thread, VF    
NB0808D10_1.0ISO_ACThread Mill, ≥ M10 fine thread    
NB0808D13_1.0ISO_ACThread Mill, ≥ M10 fine thread    
NB0808D17_1.0ISO_ACThread Mill, ≥ M10 fine thread    
NB0808F16_1.0ISO_ACThread Mill, ≥ M10 fine thread, VF    
NB1010E14_1.0ISO_ACThread Mill, ≥ M12 fine thread    
NB1010E19_1.0ISO_ACThread Mill, ≥ M12 fine thread    
NB1010G17_1.0ISO_ACThread Mill, ≥ M12 fine thread, VF    
NB1212F15_1.0ISO_ACThread Mill, ≥ M14 fine thread    
NB1212F21_1.0ISO_ACThread Mill, ≥ M14 fine thread, VF    
NB1212H18_1.0ISO_ACThread Mill, ≥ M14 fine thread, VF