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Part Number Specification    
NB04016C3_56UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.2 (1,5xD)    
NB04016C5_56UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.2 (2xD)    
NB04017C3_64UN_ACThread Mill, UNF No.2 (1,5xD)    
NB04017C5_64UN_ACThread Mill, UNF No.2 (2xD)    
NB04019C4_48UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.3 (1,5xD)    
NB04019C4_56UN_ACThread Mill, UNF No.3 (1,5xD)    
NB04019C5_48UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.3 (2xD)    
NB04019C5_56UN_ACThread Mill, UNF No.3 (2xD)    
NB04021C5_40UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.4 (1,5xD)    
NB04021C5_48UN_ACThread Mill, UNF No.4 (1,5xD)    
NB04021C6_40UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.4 (2xD)    
NB04021C6_48UN_ACThread Mill, UNF No.4 (2xD)    
NB04023C5_40UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.5 (1,5xD)    
NB04023C7_40UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.5 (2xD)    
NB04023C8_40UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.5 (2,5xD)    
NB04024C5_44UN_ACThread Mill, UNF No.5 (1,5xD)    
NB04024C7_44UN_ACThread Mill, UNF No.5 (2xD)    
NB04025C10_32UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.6 (2,5xD)    
NB04025C6_32UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.6 (1,5xD)    
NB04025C8_32UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.6 (2xD)    
NB04026C6_40UN_ACThread Mill, UNF No.6 (1,5xD)    
NB04026C8_40UN_ACThread Mill, UNF No.6 (2xD)    
NB04031C7_36UN_ACThread Mill, UNF No.8 (1,5xD)    
NB04031C9_36UN_ACThread Mill, UNF No.8 (2xD)    
NB04036C10_32UN_ACThread Mill, UNF No.10 (2xD)    
NB04036C11_24UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.10 (2xD)    
NB04036C13_24UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.10 (2,5xD)    
NB04036C8_32UN_ACThread Mill, UNF No.10 (1,5xD)    
NB04036C9_24UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.10 (1,5xD)    
NB04038C11_24UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.10 (2xD)    
NB04038C13_24UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.10 (2,5xD)    
NB04038C9_24UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.10 (1,5xD)    
NB0403C11_32UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.8 (2,5xD)    
NB0403C7_32UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.8 (1,5xD)    
NB0403C9_32UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.8 (2xD)    
NB0404C10_24UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.12 (1,5xD)    
NB0404C12_24UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.12 (2xD)    
NB0404C12_28UN_ACThread Mill, UNF No.12 (2xD)    
NB0404C15_24UN_ACThread Mill, UNC No.12 (2,5xD)    
NB0404C9_28UN_ACThread Mill, UNF No.12 (1,5xD)    
NB06045C10_20UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 1/4 (1,5xD)    
NB06045C14_20UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 1/4 (2xD)    
NB06045C17_20UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 1/4 (2,5xD)    
NB06058C13_18UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 5/16 (1,5xD)    
NB06058C17_18UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 5/16 (2xD)    
NB06058C21_18UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 5/16 (2,5xD)    
NB0605C10_28UN_ACThread Mill, UNF 1/4 (1,5xD)    
NB0605C14_28UN_ACThread Mill, UNF 1/4 (2xD)    
NB0606C13_24UN_ACThread Mill, UNF 5/16 (1,5xD)    
NB0606C16_16UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 3/8 (1,5xD)    
NB0606C17_24UN_ACThread Mill, UNF 5/16 (2xD)    
NB0606C21_16UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 3/8 (2xD)    
NB0606D13_32UN_ACThread Mill    
NB08076C15_24UN_ACThread Mill, UNF 3/8 (1,5xD)    
NB08076C20_24UN_ACThread Mill, UNF 3/8 (2xD)    
NB0807C26_16UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 3/8 (2,5xD)    
NB0808C18_20UN_ACThread Mill, UNF 7/16 (1,5xD)    
NB0808C19_14UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 7/16 (1,5xD)    
NB0808C22_13UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 1/2 (1,5xD)    
NB0808C23_20UN_ACThread Mill, UNF 7/16 (2xD)    
NB0808C24_14UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 7/16 (2xD)    
NB0808C28_13UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 1/2 (2xD)    
NB0808C30_14UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 7/16 (2,5xD)    
NB0808D17_28UN_ACThread Mill    
NB10093C34_13UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 1/2 (2,5xD)    
NB1010C24_12UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 9/16 (1,5xD)    
NB1010C26_11UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 5/8 (1,5xD)    
NB1010C30_12UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 9/16 (2xD)    
NB1010C35_11UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 5/8 (2xD)    
NB1010D21_20UN_ACThread Mill, UNF 1/2 (1,5xD)    
NB1010D23_18UN_ACThread Mill, UNF 9/16 (1,5xD)    
NB1010D27_20UN_ACThread Mill, UNF 1/2 (2xD)    
NB1010D30_18UN_ACThread Mill, UNF 9/16 (2xD)    
NB12117C42_11UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 5/8 (2,5xD)    
NB1212C31_10UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 3/4 (1,5xD)    
NB1212C41_10UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 3/4 (2xD)    
NB1212D26_18UN_ACThread Mill, UNF 5/8 (1,5xD)    
NB1212D31_16UN_ACThread Mill, UNF 3/4 (1,5xD)    
NB1212D33_18UN_ACThread Mill, UNF 5/8 (2xD)    
NB1212D40_16UN_ACThread Mill, UNF 3/4 (2xD)    
NB1212E28_20UN_ACThread Mill    
NB1616C38_9UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 7/8 (1,5xD)    
NB1616C42_8UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 1 (1,5xD)    
NB1616C49_9UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 7/8 (2xD)    
NB1616C55_8UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 1 (2xD)    
NB1616E35_14UN_ACThread Mill, UNF 7/8 (1,5xD)    
NB1616E35_16UN_ACThread Mill    
NB1616E43_12UN_ACThread Mill    
NB1616E46_14UN_ACThread Mill, UNF 7/8 (2xD)    
NB2020C52_7UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 1 1/8 - 1 1/4 (1,5xD)    
NB2020D49_8UN_ACThread Mill    
NB2525C61_6UN_ACThread Mill, UNC 1 3/8 - 1 1/2 (1,5xD)