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Thread Milling

Thread Milling

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SmiCut Online Store will help you find suitable tools

If you need a Thread Mill for a specific thread and you need help to find the correct tool, please use "THREAD MILLING Application" in this Online Store and you will very quickly find suitable tools.

Example: M16 with thread length 32 mm

1) Choose THREAD MILLING Application on the left side
2) Choose M - Metric coarse
3) Choose M16
4) Choose what kind of tool you want, for example without coolant

Big cutter diameter compared with thread diameter, small profile angle and big pitch. These are parameters that gives bigger deviation.

Now you can see all solid carbide thread mills without coolant that are able to produce M16. From these ones you have to take a tool with a cutting length of at least 32 mm. You can see the cutting length on the part number (see information about ”code key”). The most suitable tool is NB1212D35_2.0ISO_AC. If you want complete information about the dimensions press on the part number of the tool.

You are as well able to do this thread with a tool with a smaller diameter or longer thread length, but this result in longer machining time and/or not as good cutting conditions. Sometimes you choose this anyhow as you may already have the tool, the price is less or you want to have a tool that can make different sizes of threads.

To check machining time and cutting conditions for different tools, please use SmiProg.